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Pastor Mike Cooke



Pastor Mike Cooke along with his wife Alina have pastored in Melbourne since 2011 and took over the Church in Box Hill which was started as a missionary church out of  The Door Christian Center Chandler, Phoenix in the U.S.A. The Cookes were first converted to Christ in 1986 in Tasmania, where they spent their formative years in training within the local church.


In 1992 they pioneered a new church in Hobart, Tasmania for 6 years. For the next 12 years as assistants in the Launceston Potter's House Church in Tasmania. In 2013 they took over the pastoring of the The Potter's House Box Hill Church.


"My faith and confidence is that Jesus Christ will build a wonderful church here in Melbourne, where God's redemptive power and mercy can assemble a group of believers who will rise to set a standard for this nation as well as those abroad."

- Pastor Mike Cooke

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